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    Default Hello there! ^~^

    Hiya! I'm a little girl who has been part of the ABDL community for a little over three years now! I just graduated high school (Yay!) and moved in with my boyfriend (/Daddy/Dom) of three and a half years. I love people, and am very open about my lifestyle, and everything else about myself! I used to be a barista (and hopefully will be again soon) and want to go into culinary in the future!

    I am a little girl. I have an age range from 10 months to six years. I love wearing diapers, dressing little, and being babied by my Daddy! Sometimes we switch and I'm a dominant little. I regress naturally- and have ever since I can remember- and am in littlespace almost 24/7.

    Most of my hobbies are art related: drawing, painting, embroidery, and possibly soon tattooing; I also write, cook, and clean (yes, in my case, I think that could be considered a hobby..)

    I'm looking for a place with like-minded people! Mostly just to read, maybe find some ABDL-related ideas~

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    Hello daddysjynx and welcome to the group.

    Very nice and informative introduction.

    IF you would be interested we have a "foodie group" and are always looking for new ideas and recipes.

    Again welcome to the group.


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    Hi and welcome. It sounds like you have a lot of creative interests. I have a few. I enjoy writing and have a few stories on this site. I'm also a professional musician and I love playing some of the big works on piano and organ. I hope you enjoy this site. We're sort of like a family, so it's a good place to hang out.

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    Thank you so much, egor! I think I'll check it out c: I love pretty much everything to do with food, so I really appreciate you letting me know

    dogboy, I've only written a few ABDL-type stories as I'm mostly into writing poetry and such. Daddy loves music- He plays guitar and makes His own music on the computer. I just love to listen, I'm not so good at making it heh. Thank you for replying!

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