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    So I've read plenty of threads about shipping a case/bag of diapers to the hotel you're staying at when you're traveling by air to keep the costs down, but what about for international travel? I would guess try to find a local-ish distributor and have them ship to your hotel?

    That's relatively easy enough to follow, but there's a possibility I might be staying with some European relatives at their house within the next year. I prefer to keep my incontinence a private matter, but I guess there's no way around in this case, unless you guys have any suggestions.

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    Depending on how long and travel costs...

    You can pack a case with supplies and check it on your's not too expensive...albeit I have only had to resort to a commercial flight once in the last 15 or so years...

    Flying private, I just always brought with what I needed...

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    It depends where you are going, and what of mobility you will have when you get there. You can always carry a few days of supplies in your luggage, and have a local distributor ship to a pickup point, if such things exist where you are going. Amazon lockers are beginning to proliferate, and many couriers have finally grasped the idea of local collection.

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    Thanks guys, it looks like the best idea is to check as a separate bag, as I don't have the resources to fly private... Yet! Hahaha

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    I travel quite a lot every year. I have always some diapers in my hand luggage and put always a whole bag in my suitcase. Whenever I stay longer as a few days, I simply order online diapers and let them deliver in my hotel room, which have never been a problem.

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    I've never travelled internationally, and I've only driven places, but I usually bring a dufflebag full of diaper supplies, usually an unopened bag of diapers, in addition to the diaperbag I usually go out with.

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    Yeah, the duffel bag is how I travel locally to friends & relatives places... Like in parks, carry in, carry out

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    Istanbul Turkey Airport has a pharmacy that has adult diapers in it other than that the only other was Miami at the pharmacy there at the airport however havent been back there in over 20 years though . Think Boots in London Heathrow might I dunno didnt have time to really look sorry. thats about the input I can do.

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    I am planning to return to the States next year and since last time I went I have become dependant on nappies and wear them 24/7. I am looking in to getting them once there any tips would be very useful.

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    You can order online and have them shipped to where you will be easily

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