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Thread: How COULD you bambinos

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    Angry How COULD you bambinos

    This is just messed up how dare bambinos do this >:C.

    wtf D:<

    ps: I am joking around, I am pretty sure they didn't even think about this offending anyone xD.

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    Its a cute hippo though! *rolls on the floor*

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    Its a hoke I was showing how you could read it the wrong way because it could basically be calling everyone who wears extra large SUPER FAT. I corrected the text in the chat to explain it more xD.

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    yeah I noticed that too. Not as obvious on the other sizes (sm=zebra, med=monkey, lg=giraffe) but still I did see that as a bit poetic.

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    A zebra is physically larger than a monkey. That is what breaks the stereotype implication here.

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    Lilly the hippo! She's so cute and seem to be the best for handled extra-large.

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