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Thread: New single tape diaper from Rearz

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    Default New single tape diaper from Rearz

    I would totally buy one if they had it in my size. Hope they decide to keep making them.

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    Top of the line Rearz products are thicker, crinklier and have higher waistline padding than the ABU vintage diapers. If you're a one-tape lover, this is the best of both worlds. Well, except it doesn't have cute prints.

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    iiiiiiinteresting... While I'm absolutely certain they'll have some customers postively floored by this, I wonder if there will be sufficient interest for them to pursue it with another run?

    $5.66 ea, wow, you gotta pay to play. I may just get a couple to check 'em out.

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    Gah large only!

    I really really really hope this experiment works for them as I am loving the SDKs and Cushies single tape per side.

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