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Thread: Abena M4 - tapes on the wrong end

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    Default Abena M4 - tapes on the wrong end

    I've just bought a case of Abena M4's, which is a diaper I'm pretty familiar with. It would appear that they have been manufactured wrong and the tapes have been put on the front. The reason I think this is that the tapes are on the shallower wings which normally go at the front, this makes it tricky to get a good fit. The other problem that you notice once they are on is that the thicker padding is at the rear and up front you only have a thin layer with the thick stuff starting in the crotch.

    Has anyone else noticed this with a recent case of M4's? I've sent an email to the supplier, we'll see what they say.


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    They should send you a replcement, I just do not understand how a well established brand can ship a casenofverrors. Quality control has down hill.

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    I appreciate any manufacturing process can go wrong but for my 3 cents worth I truly think it's time to abandon medical diapers that more and more seem cost reduced for products that are made for the community and to my mind seem to be getting better.

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    Oh yeah hope they do the right thing and send you a replacement case!

    Keep us all posted on the outcome.

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    I hear what you're saying about medical diapers - they're definitely not the same as they used to be.

    I've tried a number of premium AB diapers, although not too many in the last couple of years. Bearing in mind M4s fit me perfectly in a medium as do the European Tena Slip. However a medium in the premium brands seems to strangle my thighs! I've also tried the large size and they are huge.

    Any suggestions of brands to try would be welcome.

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    Well they are catering to the females again like Depend is they are telling us men to take a hike all of the manufactures are really. its a sad state of affairs guess men dont get incontinence huh ? Shame on them ! Abena better fix this and fast ! Guess we need to do the million man march on the headquarters like the women did to get thier way huh ? sickening and appauling !

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