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Thread: Is this what urge incontinence feels like?

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    Default Is this what urge incontinence feels like?

    I can "imagine" what urge incontinence feels like because I've gotten to the point of bursting and maybe a dribble comes out before I make it to the toilet (assuming I am not wearing a diaper) but not much more than that.

    This morning, I was flooding my diaper and I tried to stop it mid-stream. I tried as much as possible to stop the stream. Even though I was clenching hard, my wetting was still a stream albeit a slightly weaker stream. It was an interesting sensation. I felt like my clenched sphincter was wrapped around a tube and I couldn barely stop the flow. I wonder if this is kinda like how people with urge incontinence experience their accidents

    My apologies if this is a re-thread. I did pose this question on another forum too.

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    I think after reading this, I have urge incontinience but I also strangly wet when I am around a sink or something wet

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    Sounds about right. I even had it during my eurodynamics test the doctor told me to stop but I couldn't thank god ithere was a inco sheet on the bed .
    I would also say the urge to pee can hit very suddenly and you end up going in your nappy

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    Is actually not that fun. Is like, you want to pee so badly thinking feeling like your bladder is soooo fully and actually you just pee a bit and it happens often and suddenly. So can't spent a few hours without having to look for a bathroom, so yeah, diapers make everything way way easier and improving the quality of life.

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