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Thread: Shopping spree anyone?

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    Default Shopping spree anyone?

    Have any of you gone on a shopping spree and before you realized it you had no room for the things you bought? I am running out of room in my hiding place. Not only that I just had a reality check tonight while doing the bills. My spending spree has been off and on since November. Right now it's mostly on. I just tallied the receipts. Let's just say that it is far more than I originally though I spent so I will have to stop.

    I am responsible for the finances in the house and I haven't spent us into debt or anything like that, not even close. However, being that no one knows about my fetish, it will begin to get more difficult hiding the cost. I guess this is my worst binge cycle ever.

    All that aside, I love what I have purchased. It is mostly a sampling of many different suppliers. As much as I enjoy disposables, I have been getting upset with the switch toward non-plastic backed diapers (thank god for Bambinos). I love the feel and sound of the plastic. To prepare for the inevitable I have been trying out cloth with plastic pants and various incarnations of this theme. Great stuff is available. Maybe I should put this spending spree to good use and do some cloth diaper reviews.

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    That would be awesome... that last part at least.

    Ive been parusing the market for cloth and... well... knowing almost nothing about them
    a review would be very nice. Like the differences between the types of cloth and stuff like that.

    But yeah, you should probably watch your spend cycles. i know i have to. That little
    hidey hole of mine doesnt hold much >.<

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    I currently have a wardrobe overflowing with diapers! I think I have been doing the same as you! I am not so worried about the money, as I have to wear them anyway, so it is money well spent in a way, but I really mustn't buy any more till I've used a good proportion of them.

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