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Thread: Lovely baby smells

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    Default Lovely baby smells

    I love the smell of Sudocrem & Johnson's baby talc. What other smells do you like?

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    I go "heavy" at night. I take a shower using baby shampoo, then after I'm dried off its a quick run down of j&j baby lotion 'pink bottle, then diaper up using baby powder,
    It smells wonderful, I just hope I don't get use to the scent and loose it.

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    Gotta say, the only real baby smell I like is powder. I love that stuff. As for non-ab/dl stuff i really like the smell of cut grass and that heavy wet smell just before it rains

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    I like the smell of:
    new children's books
    new plastic toys
    wooden blocks
    certain gift wrap and ribbons
    If there was a such thing as a combination ice cream shop, bakery, candy shop, and deli, I'd be in there daily, just for the smells.

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    For me, I love the smell of scented ABU diapers and baby powder, but my absolute favorite smells that get into headspace within .2 seconds are Playdoh and helium balloons

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    I also like the baby powder smell. Otherwise - a nice steak or hamburger cooking on an outdoor charcoal or gas grill - My mouth starts watering immediately!

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    My go to baby related smells are the J & J baby lotion, baby oil and Head to Toe baby wash. I use the baby wash along with my Aveeno soap when I take my morning shower. Once dry, I first use the baby lotion and then the baby oil. It's a wonderful way to start my day.

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    I also love J&J baby powder but I also use their toddler shampoo for curly hair. Oh, and I love the smell of my plushie doggie and my baby blankie.

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