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Thread: What do you do if need to do number 2

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    Default What do you do if need to do number 2

    The tabs on disposables are not great for refastening. Since I just pee in my diaper, if I have to poop I usually wait until I need to change and poop in the toilet and not worry about refastening the tapes. But sometimes my diaper isn't wet enough to change and I have to poop. What do you all do if you don't want to poop in your diaper but need to go? Do you refasten the tapes or try to pull the diaper down

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    There's been one or two times where I've simply carefully pulled the diaper down. Nowadays however I'm more likely to just use the diaper for its intended purpose.

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    by the time i feel the need it's too late and i mess my diaper. ah the life of a baby

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    If i'm not wearing a premium diaper with the swanky double tapes, I usually carefully pull the diaper down. Although the diaper is never the same afterwards, sometimes it's worth it. Other times, as long as I'm not in a compromising position, I'll just go in the diaper.

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    If I'm wearing one that's not refastenable I do what others suggest and wiggle it down over my butt and back up. If you're careful it can be done.

    Most of the time when I'm not going to just poop in the diapers, I wear something refastenable (either the cloth-style ones with the velcro or my cloth diaper which I fasten with Snappis).

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaddedInPuyallup View Post
    I carefully wiggle my diaper down
    that. and I suggest a poll for this after you've collected the most common responses (give this thread a week)

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    If I am home alone, I poop in my diaper, if I am not, I will poop in the toilet and pull up or refasten my diaper

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    I pretty much do what most do it seems, wiggle it off and then back on lol. If no one is around or if I am about to change, I will just use the diaper.

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