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Thread: Switches and I don't mean the electrical kind

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    Cool Switches and I don't mean the electrical kind

    Hi everyone.

    I could be getting myself into trouble here I think.

    But anyway I have found a potential online Daddy. But he is new to it all. And he is just finding his little side himself.

    So far he would let me stay up late and watch a scary Movie before bedtime, which would not be good for any Little to do, let alone one that has to be at school for 7:30 in the morning.

    I didn't stay up late I just ask to. So i would see what his reaction would be.
    I'm such a naughty boy. Heee, heeee, hee.

    I am a bit of a switcharoo my self as I have to be a caregiver for my job. But even there I have time to be my Little self.

    So does anyone have experience of this can someone that is into age play be a P-Dom?



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    Well the short answer to that question is NO.

    Hay ho so I'm still look for a CGLB.

    And I still missing my Paddy he was the best when he was off the alcohol.

    Anyway there you go.

    The ups and downs of a little. That sounds like a title to a book.


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    If i may ask sisi, what does CGLB mean?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KittyninjaW View Post
    If i may ask sisi, what does CGLB mean?
    CGlb- Care giver little boy
    DDlg- Daddy Dom little girl
    DDLB- daddy Dom little boy
    CGl- care giver little
    MDlg- mommy domme little girl
    MDlb- mommy domme little boy
    CGlg- Care giver little girl

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    Thanks LittleBelle

    So if in doubt ask a TBG while they still know everything.


    Anyone up for "Vanilla" ice cream.

    Sorry what's that, "naughty corner." But why?

    Hee, hee

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