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    Hi all,
    I know there have been other threads about this, but I am now pretty worried because I only found that out after signing on for ABDLMatch.

    I signed up for it yesterday, was able to view my profile a couple of times, and then out of the blue today, every time I try to go to the site, I get a page that says I have no access to the site.

    I didn't put up super personal information on the site, and they didn't ask for a credit card number, but it wanted me to pay to view people's messages. That makes zero sense first of all...second of all what is this crap about having no access? Has anyone else here who has used this site seen a page like this?

    Thanks for reading and your advice...if I could I would probably delete my info off it immediately as I don't like paysites and there's virtually nobody in my area on there. Any thoughts?

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    My experience has been that when you pay to read a message and reply you will not get a response back until your membership expires and you have to pay again to read the next message. Either that or they started asking for money. I've seen posts from people saying they have met someone from there, but the odds seem to be against it.
    I have met a real person using Kwink, but recently it seems to be only professional mommies that are active on there.

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    I have luck talking to many girls in the site. Even a couple that are in my area! What luck! Seems every time I bring up meeting or talking o another site, they either stop talking to me, decline the offer, or pretend like I said nothing. Also, I get the same kind of responses as ORBaby, where I get a 3 day membership, reply to a bunch of saved up messages, and only get one or 2 to respond within that 3 day period. I haven't even been able to put the instant message tool they have to any use, let alone good use.
    My opinion of the site is pretty low, and it seems fishy all of the things that go on there. I prefer this site over it quite a bit.

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    IMHO its pretty much a scam. After registering you then end up waiting for something to happen until your subscription is about to en and then you get some rather unbelievable even by online dating standards behaviour form an alleged interested member. It may have many genuine members on it, but i believe that most of the profiles are faked and (I allege..) stolen profile photos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ORBaby View Post
    I have met a real person using Kwink, but recently it seems to be only professional mommies that are active on there.
    I met my babygirl on Kwink!

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    I've spoken to quite a few people on there in the past but not got anywhere with most of them as the majority will keep up bringing up reasons not to make contact of the site. I can't afford to keep up a paid membership so what I will be doing from now on is paying for the three day trial if necessary to respond to messages but cancelling in time so I don't pay anymore. I'll give them a couple of alternate ways to contact me and if their serious about talking to me and genuine then it's up to them to make contact. I have talked to two people in the past who were definitely genuine on there and one of them I did meet in person so you can find real people on there sometimes. I would say with that site though exercise caution.

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    Every ABDL paysite to date has been problematic, with complaints about all or nearly all messages appearing to come from bots or otherwise fake accounts.

    Don't play this game, don't hand over money to these sites. If and when a halfway decent ABDL paysite ever exists, there will be numerous positive reports across the wider ABDL community rather than endless reports about them being scams.

    Right now the best way to meet other ABDLs is the slower way of joining the local community and attending munches and meets without setting expectations of dating at first. It's time-consuming, requiring effort across months-to-years, but there really aren't any shortcuts that work well.

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    I've managed to get my fetlife profile name on my profile page so if by any chances there are some genuine people who see my profile on abdlmatch they can look me up on there and get in touch. I've seen people manage to get there kik account names in messages and their profiles before so that's one way you could make it work for you. You've just got to use some "creative typing" to as they have an annoying habit of blocking out parts of your messages and profile if they cotton on that your trying to give people alternative contact details. So there are ways to get round the subscription issue if you get one of the rare genuine people attempting to contat you or you want to contact them. But I agree with previous posts on here and other threads the subscription is really not worth it.

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