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    Thank you for the greetings...I'm fine for the most part...just trying to get by in life...hoping to pass my Tapas test ( military personality test ) in a little less than 12 hours...once I manage to get a steady income source I'm gonna see about playing the Forex Market ( currency market )....if I can play the Market good enough then I'll be able to go full time AB/DL ( sadly I'm still in the closet about it though ) cause I'll be able to live how I want...but that's at least 5 years from happening

    - - - Updated - - -

    I've figured out that the most time I would need to play with the Market is around 7,000 total hours ( that's assuming a continual increase of .2% per hour in profit ( which is a REALLY LOW rate (7,000 hours at that rate would equal around 16 to 17 times of doubling the profits ( 65,000x to 132,000x base investment )))...I think I could achieve an increase of at least .5% per hour in profit though....but it best to undershoot on guessing.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Side note: if I manage to get in the military and get the funds the time necessary to play with the Market then I'll probably shoot for some slightly higher goals just so I can donate to websites like some charity and church stuff...and finally fund a game company I really like ( as long as they're still active by then ) to properly fix and run the game/s I like.

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