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Thread: How to get used to wearing a stinky diaper

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    Default How to get used to wearing a stinky diaper

    Hey all... So I wouldnt call myself an Adult "baby" but my wife and I have a fetish where she keeps me in diapers. Thats the mist of it. No baby stuff other then the diapers. It took me a long time to learn how to teach my brain to pee laying down and not over a toilet out in public etc.. Now I can do it with no problems and I actually enjoy being in a wet diaper. She bought a pair or locking plastic pants in order for me to learn how to poop in a diaper. I have done it, but i normally sit down on the toilet to do it.

    She keeps me in the locked diaper while shes at work and Im home. Sometimes I can be in a stinky diaper for a few hours. Nothing more then 2-3 hours though. I guess what Im getting at, she doesnt mind changing me. She normally does it in the shower because I can just rinse right off. But How do I get used to the smell and dirtiness. For me, its gross and embarrassing. I feel like people can smell it if Im out in public and I feel like it leaks ( but it doesnt) For her, she enjoys it and doesnt want me to be embarrassed. I want to learn how to dirty a diaper like in public or etc, and be okay with it.

    Any tips?

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    I don't think that's something you should get used to...

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    Go with the flow...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kinda View Post
    I don't think that's something you should get used to...
    Not so much getting used to, but be comfortable doing it and being in it for a period of time

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    Well...that's an interesting wife. I'd say that if you're into that, first off be thankful you have a wife that likes to do that to you? And second.. maybe figure out a diet that makes your poop less stinky?

    Good Luck.


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    So, this is interesting. Congrats on being an unusual case.

    A regular bowel movement is smelly and is offensive to people around you. tyoicalky, if you're incontinent, you'd seek out the nearest spot for a diaper change immediately, but if you're locked in for play purposes, you're going to bother other people.

    There are pills you can take that will make the smell go away, and food you can eat that will make it easier to do (e.g., prunes). Even then, it's still really bad for your skin and creates an infection risk.

    If you're both absolutely determined on this, you're just gonna need to do it a bunch and try to get changed as soon as possible and thoroughly cleaned up. That will minimize risk to you and disturbance to others. You'll also adjust. Anyone can get used to things they do a lot.

    I would suggest though, that you SO should consider turning things down just s little. This is sitting on the borderline of unfairly involving others in your play.

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    the smell of a messy diaper is not something anyone is going to enjoy, but the only way to "get used to it" is to find yourself in that position so often it becomes normal. I would be mortified to be messy in public for 2 or 3 hours, its so unpleasant

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    Dude! This sounds like some BDSM type shi*. I would stop it. Unless it really gets you off. I think the you staying in a poopy diaper is too much to bear. Don't get used to it. Try to set some boundaries for yourself in diaper play. I am not saying get a divorce but it sounds too much like bordering on abusive. Good luck man!

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    You won't get used to the smell, so the only thing you can do is adjust your diet to make it less antagonizing for your self.

    If you're out in public in a messy diaper for non-incontinence reasons, and other people can smell it, you are making other people unwilling participants in your fetish. it's no better than exposing your self, or groping them. It's not just morally wrong, it's an actual sex crime. Stop it.

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