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Thread: Hi everyone,glad to be on this site

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    Default Hi everyone,glad to be on this site

    I have not been on here all that long..but so far just love it,the layout of it is one that to me is great compared to some others I have tried..I am on no other diaper web site,and I hope to call this one my home,as this one has caught my eye as one top notch site,and like I the layout of it,the forums,the place to type story's,and so much more is something that just makes me feel right at home,I do have many adventures to tell and I like and want to share them on this great site,I have worn diapers and rubber pants now for a lot of years,since a bad fall one day from a very tall tree started that ball rolling sort of speak,but I got so very lucky to still be able to do most all of what I could do before that bad fall happened and still be above the ground rather then under it,and once I was told that I would have to wear diapers or something like them for a very long time,maybe even for the rest of my days,I totally excepted everything to do with them after a bit..never do I feel embarrassed to be in them or if any one knows I wear them..I have no secrets and am a very honest and straight person.

    I even took up the game of golf after my release from the hospital and was in there for near 5 months,I did not to ever take up golf be top dog at it or anything like that..but only to help get all my muscles back to where they once were,and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made,and here 14 years later all my muscles are back to par now,although I do not play golf any more on a consistent basis like I used to,but still every now and then will go and have fun with the game and play a round,I still date the ladies,because I have loved their company forever,and they are all told of what happened in that bad fall.what led up to it and what I now wear,and not one of those dates has ever turned me down because of what I wear and that made me smile very much..not only on the outside but on the inside as well,I try to always look before I leap rather then leap before I look,and try to keep an open mind about most everything,and my life is no greater then any other person's,I do not have any fancy college degree,or anything like that..just 4 years of high school is all.

    I just try to be myself always and make it in this world the best way I can..the same as anyone else,I have a good job right now that I am laid off of at the moment because of a work shortage but that is just a temporary thing,and besides it gives me a chance to explore this site further and post some more things on it,I hope to type some of my many diaper adventures and even some of the dates that I have been on because I really do like typing and I do hope my story's are well received even tho I may not be the best story teller ever as I am fairly new at it,I just wanted to say hi to all the community by using this great forum to do so..I look forward to being on this site a long time..and I have no intentions of going to any other one..take care everyone and always be who you are,not who you think you want to be and clearly are not..bye for now and see you in the forums
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    Hello theincontinentguy and welcome to the group.

    Very nice introduction.


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    Hi and welcome to the site. Sorry about that fall. When I was a kid, my friends and I used to climb the tallest trees we could find. I gues we're all lucky that none of us fell.

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    Welcome to ADISC. We look forward to hearing about your various adventures.

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