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Thread: The age old question briefs or boxers?

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    Default The age old question briefs or boxers?

    So I guess it's a simple one. For those of you that arnt too diaper dependent...
    Do you prefer wearing boxers (loose or tight fitting) or briefs when not wearing diapers?

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    Boxer-briefs for me any day.
    I like my junk being held in place and not flopping around

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    I love tight briefs or boxer briefs. I'm not a floppy boy either. It gives this snug feeling we know from our padding.

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    I’ve always worn briefs with my stuff up. Expect that’s why down in a diaper is uncomfortable for me.

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    Same as above briefs or boxer briefs, but normally briefs. Truth be told however, I don't feel much down there anymore from all the injuries that have happened below the belt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShortGuy View Post
    Boxer-briefs for me any day.
    I like my junk being held in place and not flopping around
    same here, although mine are more like crown jewels than 'junk'.
    there's also the tripping hazard to think of

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    Boxers, not so much a preference, it's what I'm used to wear since I was a teenager

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    Either Diapers or training pants for me. I guess both of those fit like briefs so this baby will have to say briefs.

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    briefs for me sometimes two or three pair at a time ,, and always at least a bit wet. Whenever I get a new package of briefs most offten 6 new pair in a package, I'll put them all on at once and give them a good soaking to break them in

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    Usually I wear tight fitting boxers for comfort reasons. However I do wear briefs sometimes, they make me feel childish for some reason so tend to wear them when I want to be little around people. (Under my clothes obviously).

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