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    Hello all, was wondering if anyone else here rides and rides diapered . I have a Yamaha 6r and due to my truck out of service right now I have to ride every where I go. I always keep at least one spear diaper in my backpack in case of emergency. Sometimes after work I diaper up before my long ride home. It's awesome. The way you sit and the vibration of the motor makes sure you don't forget it's there. I've only been able to wet a couple times while I have been on my ride but when I can it is an awesome feeling .

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    I hardly ride at all let alone diapered , mostly due to my short legs >.<
    But since I've lowered the Sporty even more, I'll prob ride regardless if wearing or not :3

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    I ride a Triumph T140 Bonneville and wear nappies as I wear them all the time. The vibes from a big British twin cause my bladder to let go quie a bi and I am usually quite wet by the end of my ride

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    I was a very avid motorcycle rider for a number of years. Since I'm incontinent, I always wore a diaper when riding. I always carried a few spare changes with me in the topbox on the bike.

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    I used to have a ninja so leaning forward like you sort of have to puts a lot of pressure on sensitive areas while diapered but I would take a diaper with me and put it on when I got where I was going. My current bike is a ratty 75' Honda cb400 four super sport with no front brakes ATM so I only use it to get to work when I'm having car trouble.

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    I ride bot on road with a cruiser and off road with a dirt bike, i have wet wearing a diaper on the cruiser a few times but usually my wife is riding with me and she is not on the same page as me when it comes to wearing diapers for the pure enjoyment of it.(she doesn't mind me wearing overnight to save the bed)..On the other hand when i ride my dirt bikes I do not wear diapers but that does not stop me from wetting my riding gear whenever I have to pee, even when I am with a group sometimes I'll wet myself as it just is attributed to running though standing water and everyone else is also wet.

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    Oh ya there is also a group on here "Bikers with Diapers" ya'll should join.

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    Glad to see there is more bikers in the abdl community. Hope you all ride safe.

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    Glad to here you are getting back out there. Hope you have a good ride

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crinklebuttt View Post
    snip* My current bike is a ratty 75' Honda cb400 four super sport with no front brakes ATM so I only use it to get to work when I'm having car trouble.
    They make great looking cafe racers! Worth restoring even

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    We (my gf and I) ride diapered too. We both have a bike.

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