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Thread: How many of you are famous?

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    Default How many of you are famous?

    Or at least relatively prominent in your community?

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    I am certainly not famous by any means what so ever lol. XD

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    Pretty sure Emma Watson is on these boards.

    Ok that was a fabrication but seriously I think it would be aweful to be famous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Argent View Post
    ... I think it would be aweful to be famous.
    oh, it is, Elvis (don't worry, your secret's safe with me )
    i've spent a good part of my life being sort of well-known (through family links and my character) and/or identifiable (i'm fairly distinctive) within my own places of activity and it can be a pain.

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    The only things I am "known" for is for being an Official Roblox Model Maker on the game Roblox, having the only perfect attendance award of my entire graduating class, and for my old park district soccer team's five year winning streak with no loses.

    That soccer bit ended at five years because my leg was dislocated in one of our final games. We were short on players, and if I had to sit out, we would've have to forfeit. The team ended up having to hold me down and pop the leg back into place. We won the season, but my leg was messed up and was sticking out an extra inch; so my entire team and I retired that year. We wore the same color for all five years, same team members as well.

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    Probably more infamous than famous!

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    Oh, you know, I wouldn't call this famous ... but popular. Back in my days at Job Corps I was very popular among just about everyone. I was top in my class in Telecommunications and was the lead of many projects on campus. I did tons of community service on and off campus, and even became an ambassador for the school. I pretty much took the role of being the exemplary student. I did so well after graduating my trade and getting certified in fiber optics the school gave me a scholarship to go to the local community college.

    This was the only time I became popular in any school lol. Typically I was the unpopular one when I was younger. So Job Corps was like being on cloud nine for me. People also knew I was transgender, which it was the first time I ever became so public about it.

    I suppose the only down side to the experience was the fact I lived on campus and often wet the bed XD ... so at times it became pretty embarrassing.

    Quote Originally Posted by kinda View Post
    That's okay. You're famous in my book.
    Thanks :3
    Maybe one day I will actually be a famous game developer.

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