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Thread: Do you like having your ab/dl side a secret ?

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    Default Do you like having your ab/dl side a secret ?

    With all the exposure internationally were getting due to the tykables news I was thinking....
    I like my fetish in the closet, it's my own special secret. When I'm wasted a night and I walk around my complex with a diaper on I get a such a rush out of being diapered and knowing I'm involved in a rare fetish.
    If we go mainstream I'm afraid it will take a lot of the excitement out of it.
    I'm interested to hear everyone else's thoughts on this.

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    I would call it private rather than secret in my case and I expect it will remain so regardless of how much attention ABDLs get. I can't control how others deal with it, I can only control myself. I don't expect it to be a casual public thing within my lifetime. I don't see that as a desirable goal or sense a progression toward that.

    I would like people in general to be more tolerant toward harmless weirdness when it is shared but that will be enough for me. Since my feelings on it pertain to me as a private practitioner and my friends and intimates, I don't really see publicity as a problem.

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    I will say this, I feared getting caught wearing in public and I sometimes get anxiety wondering if someone found out I was wearing the nite before, but after all that's been going on in the news I think I would be more relaxed getting caught.

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    Well, if it was safe to be open about being an ABDL it would make it easier to find friends of the same interest in real life.

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    I don't actually know, I'm still kind of trying to figure that out really. It's only within the last 4 or 5 years that my now-wife convinced me to stop being so ashamed of my medical issues, and that's been connected to my ABDL side since my family first got the internet when I was a kid, it's why I looked this up and got into it in the first place. I've been a lot more open about my incontinence and the fact that I wear diapers than I might otherwise be due to my gaining confidence with her help. I suppose in the end I probably wouldn't bring up that connection outside the internet necessarily, but it does make them a bit more intertwined feeling wise in that regard so it's kind of a grey area for me.
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    I'm very careful about keeping this a secret, but I'm not sure I've always been successful. I've had some of my adult children just show up at the house, and I go scurrying to hide things. I occasionally wear in public, but I make sure it's not obvious. That said, I like the sense of adventure by wearing in public. The fantasy part of that is a rush.

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    Well, being IC does give good cover...if ever caught...although don't know if i've ever been caught!...

    As for secret, I agree with Trevor...More private...

    Do many people go around talking about bondage...Yeah a few...But not many compared to how main stream that is!

    It's like how often would you talk about your underwear...or anything semi private...Sure with a partner or close friend...

    Myself, All my GF's and a few very close friends and my staff(assistants/nurses) know...but, it's nothing I go around advertising...

    Now myself, if found out...Without advertising would be odd...As I own my own place, and what I do at home is my business...

    Now, that being said I do have house guests for music or film projects staying with me about 20 plus days a month...(Minus lately cuz of some medical issues)...

    My master suite and staff rooms are on the 3rd floor and take up the entire west wing of the house...The guests stay in the east wing on the 3rd floor and there only a large 20x50' hallway overlooking the main staircase between them, so without going specifically there not going to enter my suite...And I usually dress in shorts and t-shirt for doing music production...I never dress up anymore...

    Bottom line, If someone saw...They went out of their way to look/snoop...and people of that sorta character i don't usually have stay over...I'm a private fact one musician I work with has never even seen of know what my master suite or even the staff rooms look like...

    My place is also a place of business and I wouldnt push my personal private affairs on people...As other I've had staying here for sometimes months strait bring GF's and such...I know some don't tell the wife/other GF's...Some do...but thats their business...

    As i respect other peoples privacy they do mine...Its quid pro quo...Or some damn thing like that

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    I would like to remain private until I find a friend I can really trust, I would not tell my mom and dad unless they found out or because I had to, in that case I would tell the truth

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    I would tell my mom and dad if they agreed to not kick me out for it. Plus seeing as I am funding this life style myself and it does not include weapons (my mom has my brother holding onto my claymore sword and switchblade), it should be tolerable to her. Plus even she knows it wouldn't change (very punny) who I am. I am already a gentle, emotional, and friendly young adult as it is. Also, I noticed even she still talks to others as if I am still a young child, course my memory issues, way I talk, and act probably add to that; but those are things I blindly do. Sure my dad might continue questioning if I am gay because of this or something, and all I would say is "No worries, I am not gay, and you will still be getting more grandchildren."

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    Do I want people to know that I an an ABDL? Only my partner and other people in the ABDL and fetish communities. I do not discuss the details of my sex life with the rest of my family or with non-kinky friends. I don't particularly want to hear the details of theirs.

    Do I want people to know that there are ABDLs? Yes. I would like the existence of ABDLs to be publicized widely. I think it will be much easier for ABDLs to find accepting partners if most people know that ABDL is a thing.

    Though I think greater social tolerance of ABDL-hood would be a good thing, I hear what the OP is saying about the excitement of transgressing a boundary. If it were totally normal for adults to wear shortalls, shortalls wouldn't be AB clothes anymore. They'd just be...clothes.

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