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Thread: If you were -gay/straight-

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    Default If you were -gay/straight-

    OK, so you know how some girls would be like "if I was a lesbian, I would even fuck her!" when seeing a pretty girl? Well, if you haven't, its kinda a turn on...Anyway, I was just thinking, for you straight guys/girls, who is the one person of the same sex you would do? And for you gay/lesbian types, who is the one person you would do of the opposite sex.

    I am bi, so I can do whatever or whoever I want but I am just wondering what you normal folk think.


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    If I were gay, I'd bang Katy Perry and Alice from Twilight.

    Ha! I'm bi, so technically I suppose I can :d

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    That be a hard question. I get a lot of gay thoughts but I can't answernthe question. My avatar? No.

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    If I were straight, I'd totally get with Katy Perry, Britney Spears, and especially Katharine McPhee.

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    Well if I was my online older brother could mostly be my boyfriend for one. However even if I was gay I think I would perfer our current relationship which is me filling in for the little sibling/brother he never had. A role that I always preformed well (not saying I am easy at all, just that I am a "good" little brother.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shu View Post
    If I were gay, I'd bang Katy Perry and Alice from Twilight.

    Ha! I'm bi, so technically I suppose I can :d
    omg I forgot about Ashley. Hawt.

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