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    Wow, this really threw our city into chaos yesterday.

    A massive sink hole opened up in the middle of a major downtown intersection yesterday. At one point a van got swallowed up by it. You can see it happening at the left in this video.

    The nearby Rideau Centre shopping mall and the Shaw Convention Centre, as well as other buildings, had to be evacuated as a precaution. Fortunately no one was hurt.

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    Wow! Usually when these happen in a city, there's a broken water main creating the sink hole. We had a small one in downtown Lynchburg for that very reason.

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    Dig deep enough in any direction and you'll find an underground cavity of some type, especially if your location in the world is prone to tectonic shifts, underground springs or volcanic activity.

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    well at least no one seems to be hurt.

    From the limited information i got from the article i assumethe cause of the sink hole is due to the tunnerling in the area.

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    Here in England there was one not too long ago on a road called the Mancunian Way, which is like one of the main roads in Manchester

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    You should check out the massive sinkholes in Louisiana. Entire neighborhoods have been swallowed here already. The bad thing is that none of this is publicly announced. The government will allow people to sell land and do absolutely nothing when the buyer discovers the problem first hand after the fact.

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