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Thread: Dimensions of 14 pack size medium Molicare Super Plus

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    Default Dimensions of 14 pack size medium Molicare Super Plus

    I'm looking to buy a tool box I can padlock my diapers and associated paraphanalia in to. I want something that could fit a pack of diapers, still in the packaging (it keeps things nice and organized :3). I like the Molicare super plus diapers as my go to. anyone happen to have dimensions of the packaging? Or maybe even the dimension of a single diaper, folded?

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    My package Molicare super plus large measures in inches 15 1/2 X 11 X7 1/4 if that helps you.

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    Yeah it does! Actually, now that I think about it, if I buy a box big enough to hide a large pack, I'll have extra room to store sample packs of the more expensive diapers

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    if by "pack" you mean a retail bag, the bags generally come in one of two sizes. There's the 10-12 "semisquare" bags that are usually 8.5" x 12" x 10" or so, or the rectangular bags of 16-20 that are 8.5 x 12 x 18 or so. (length varies a bit with them)

    you could get one of those fire safes that's for holding a bunch of hanging files, that would hold maybe a dozen diapers with some room to squeeze in some powder, lotion, paci, etc.

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    honeywell/first alert are the cheapest available. they lock.
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    That may work, but I have a file cabinet I don't use (lock is broken) so I think it would look out of place. I have lotsa tools and I travel regularly to a sketchy neighborhood with those tools. No one would be the wiser

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    The lock in your cabinet might be easy to repair, that would give you a lot more space than toolbox.

    Cheap lockable plastic toolbox:
    a bit small though, won't hold much stuff

    Twice the price, not much bigger:

    After that prices go up quite fast and they tend to be roll-around stacks. You might be better off finding something you like that's big enough that has an overhanging lip you can drill a 3/8" hole in (through lid and body) and slip a padlock into. Or maybe install a regular metal padlock hasp on it.

    Another option would be to go to your local goodwill/habitat for humanity/ReStore etc and find a lightly used wood desk that has drawers. Most will have at least one that locks, they're usually fairly easy to install a lock into, (see my diaper cabinet in my gallery) and they'll usually cost less than what a good toolbox costs. Use for a computer desk or replace your existing computer desk.

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