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    Talking New To All of This...

    I have a name, but you all can refer to me as "PinkBee". I've thought about the possibility that I might be into wearing diapers, but I am just now admitting to my fetish. I'm here on this site not to make friends-with-benefits or any of that sort but just to make friends and share our experiences involving diapers.
    More about me: I am an out-lesbian who is in a very faithful relationship with my girl friend of soon-to-be three years. I finally worked up the courage to tell her about my love of diapers and the very next day she took me to the pharmacy down the road to get some!(Sadly, all the cheapest diapers were much too large.) She's not even into diapers or anything like that but she doesn't find anything wrong with liking them and is totally accepting of me. <3
    If you want to get to know me or even just chit-chat, you can PM me any time. I'd be happy to hear from you all! ^_^

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    Hellooooo Welcome to ADISC Wow that's cool that your girlfriend is so accepting. I'm sure you will enjoy this awesome site... Have fuuuun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Welcome to ADISC, Bee. It sounds like you have an awesome relationship. Friends sharing experiences with diapers is kinda the main goal here, so you've made it to the right place!

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