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Thread: I got $3,800.00... suggestions? :)

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    Well I've been thinking about Jacking up my truck a foot or 2 and getting some monster rims.

    But is there anything I can do better?

    If I can get a new diesel engine for around that, I'd go for it, because that means more power

    Btw picture of my truck as it looks right now on my profile. The body is rough though.
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    Something more worth while? ...A bigger engine means nothing other than you polute more so you can drive faster illegally or on a large expanse of private property...Assuming you don't have the vast amount of space and property to do such, I'm going to say you should invest it in a college fund and sort your future out before some silly wheels on a car or another engine which is fundamentally unneeded.

    Either way, what you do is what you do.

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    Save your money! There will be more important things later down the road. I mean sure, spend $800 of it and get a sweet TV or something if you want it. But put that $3k in the bank, please! It'll be there gathering interest for when you want it later.

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    Get yourself a new pair of shoes, homie. Stash the rest in savings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by timmydiaperloverboy View Post
    Well I've been thinking about Jacking up my truck a foot or 2 and getting some monster rims.
    I see a darwin award in your future!

    My advice is to not screw with gravity and don't waste your money on something that is pretty useless. I would say spend the money on something you really need such as college funding or start a retirement fund. Hell you can even invest it, stock prices are so damn low right now.

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    I would put the $3,800.00 in stocks and watch it grow to $1200. Though really, you could put it in a cd or money market and put it away for college. Error404 gave good advise. Now if you had $38,000., you could buy a '40 Ford hot rod!

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    Wait another 2, 3, maybe even 4 months if you invest anything (stock wise) that is when the recession is going to be at it's worst. After then all stocks will be low (good time for buying) and any weak companies will be off the market, so you don't put anything in a failing company.

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    Why not do something to make your car look better? I'd just save it if I were you. If you really want to splurge on yourself, then don't spend all of it. You're going to probably want that money later on

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