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  • No but I did suck my

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Thread: being caught sucking your thumb?

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    Default being caught sucking your thumb?

    We hear about how many get caught in diapers or having their diaper stash found. But how many have been caught sucking your thumb by a parent or sibling etc.

    I was a thumb sucker at night until i started kindergarten when my mom took steps to break me it. I did not like stand around sucking it; I learn early that and dads donít mix. My mom put this stuff on my thumb that tasted yuck would instantly would wake you up and you would need to wash out your mouth and would cause me to cry more than once. She would hear me and come in and reapply it. Even today I have trouble even in play putting my thumb in my mouth. Wish my mom would had just given me a pacifier would have save us both a lot of trauma.

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    I was never really caught; I didn't do it until I was 15 years old, and I told my mom I did it, and eventually my dad too. I remember one time before I told my dad, I forgot to take my thumb out of my mouth when my dad walked in the room, but he didn't seem to notice.

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    My big thing was never really thumb sucking, though I do get caught doing it from time to time even today. I used my pacifier until I was 4 years old and my parents finally forced me to let go of it, and as a kid my thing afterwards was chewing on my collar and shirt sleeves as a replacement. I'm still known to do that when I'm concentrating on something.

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    I was never really a thumb sucker when I was younger and even now I prefer a pacifier to a thumb

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    I have always sucked my thumb. When I was little, my parents tried to break me of the habit. They never punished me but they would keep telling me to take my thumb out of my mouth. Eventually (I do not know at what age), they used the bad tasting nail polish to break the habit. It didn't work. Finally, I got better at hiding my thumb sucking. Now that I live alone, I suck whenever I want.

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    I sucked my thumb as a little kid, but my mom scared me out of it by telling me it would cause cavities to my teeth. I was scared of my dentist as I almost always had 7 or 8 cavities, and he never used Novocaine.

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    I don't think I sucked my thumb as a kid.
    still don't even in my little space.
    seems gross to me.

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    While I don't suck my thumb I do suck a pacifier and one time while I was sucking my paci I was caught by my cousin. I was carrying a heavy box and I dropped to the floor but to no avail he saw me. I told him that it was a calming mechanism. He accepted that answer and didn't press me further but little did I know that he went and told the rest of the family (from his side). I really didn't care they always treated me bad and that was one of the last times that I saw them. The family kind of split after that it was for the better though.

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    One time after a stressful day at high school (I was emotionally wrecked from a large-scale bullying/harassment occurrence), I fell asleep on the couch. After some amount of time I semi woke up to hear my mom and sisters commenting on how cute I was when I sleep, it was at that moment I noticed I had my thumb in my mouth. My mom knew what I had just been through that day and said to just let me rest.

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    Default Caught by another thumb sucker

    I was driving along an Interstate, sucking my thumb as usual, when a car started to pass me. I looked to my left, where they were passing, to see if they noticed and, amazingly, the driver was sucking her thumb also! The look on her face was priceless and I'll never forget it.

    By the way, my teeth stick out due to my habit but I don't mind since it just makes it a perfect fit. Besides, the orthodontist won't work on them unless I stop so that's me for the rest of my life. Heck, it's worth it.

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