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Thread: A cleaner way to wet the bed

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    Default A cleaner way to wet the bed

    Ok so some of us here somtines think about wetting the bed on porpuse out of pleasure. Well I had an I dea that allowed me to wet the bed without actually peeing. Basicall I filled a zipblock back with warm watter, poked a small hole in the bag and then placed said "blader" in my pants! If you dont want to watter your bed, sit on a towel or two and it will feel great!

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    Greeeeat idea! 😉

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    sounds more hygenic, and won't stain either. Though you really ought to wear a diaper ya leaky baby!

    maybe an idea for those that want to wake up wet by morning?

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    I had a similar option... I have an enema bag with one of those plastic clamps. If you clamp it just tight enough that only a small trickle comes out, you can then find a place to stick the bag while the hose is stuck down into the diaper (preferably taped, so it doesn't fall out). And over night, you'll slowly wet yourself! I haven't gotten it to work all that well for sleepy time, but I have stuck it in while sitting down at my computer, at just above a trickle, so it was like a flood into the diaper over a few minutes. It really makes the diaper bulge out pretty quickly and get super saturated. Super fun if you can manage to get yourself an enema bag

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    Quote Originally Posted by OhHeyThere View Post
    I had a similar option... ... Super fun if you can manage to get yourself an enema bag
    Get an empty plastic beverage bottle, I'd recommend a 1 liter. Grab a drill and a 1/4" bit. Drill a clean hole in the cap. Now visit the local pet store and buy ~10 ft of fish tank air hose, 1/4".

    back at home, push the end of the hose into the hole in the bottle, it should fit snug and will be relatively water-tight. pull it through a few inches, and then cinch a wire-tie tight around it, within 1/2" of the end. Pull it back out, it should stop firmly without being pulled out of the bottle. (add hot glue inside if you're worried about a leak)

    From here what you do can vary a bit. You'll need to punch a small hole in the bottom of the bottle so air can get in to replace the water as it leaves, this will also help regulate the flow. Bigger hole = faster flow. You might even make several different holes around the bottom, and tape (duct works well) them closed except for the one you want to use, so you can vary how fast you "wet your diaper" overnight. The hole can be quite tiny and still empty the bottle over time. A pin size hole will probably empty the bottle over the course of several hours. Fill the bottle to within an inch or so, so that when you turn it upside down, it doesn't leak out the hole that's now highest.

    Then just place the bottle above your bed somehow and try to arrange it so the hole is on top and the spout is on the bottom. You can use a clothespin to keep the line shut until you're ready to drop in the line (tape it down somehow so it stays in your diaper?) and lay down. Climb in bed and remove the clothespin. You might want to tie/wrap the line around something on the way to the bottle, to prevent from accidentally pulling it off the shelf or whatever you have it on.

    You can probably rig a hanger with duct tape, to suspend the bottle properly from above on a hook somewhere, maybe attach a coat hook to the side of your bedpost or nearby shelf to hand the bottle from. Or just drop it into a plastic grocery sack and put a hole in the bottom for the line, and put some sutffing in the side to keep the bottle upright. (maybe a few diapers would work for that? heh) Then hang the sac from a hook.

    The only thing you're likely to need to buy here is the air hose, so it's a quick and cheap project. Try to get the bottle several feet above where you're laying. Higher up will also improve/increase flow. If it's too low, you may need to make a larger hole or it may not hardly flow at all.

    BTW, there's also a time-delay feature on this that may help you get to sleep before you actually start wetting your diaper... since if the line starts out empty, it will have to fill before starting to wet your diaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloud View Post
    Bambinod, I'm gonna have to try that!
    That just sounds intersting enough to consider making a quick pic tutorial for

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    Thats a great idea, i usually get up to make sure i dont leak. Or fill it with warm water from a cup

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    Hmm water is never as fun to me, it feels different. I have tried these things before when I was younger. Although not as elaborate as Bambiod's idea. I say just get one of those bed pad things, and wet as much as you want. XD

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