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Thread: What to do after 3yrs of marriage and now your wife makes you feel uncomfortable about wearing diapers?

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    Default What to do after 3yrs of marriage and now your wife makes you feel uncomfortable about wearing diapers?

    I have been married for 4 years and am bladder incontinent my whole life due to being seriously abused as a 5 year old. My wife has been very supportive of me having to wear a diaper and has even worn one to bed with me just to make me feel comfortable. But I find myself more and more wanting her to wear one with me but feel bad about asking her because the times I have she has let out a sigh and I just say nevermind. This is made me feel very uncomfortable about wearing one around here with nothing else on over it lately and make sure its of before I know we are about to make love. The last time she sighed it made me cry it hurt my feelings very bad and now I find myself not even wanting to change in front of her or even let her see the diapers period. I know I have to be accepting of her feelings and not make her feel uncomfortable but this is something that makes me feel more comfortable so I am lost in what to do./

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    I think there's a world of difference between your wearing and needing diapers, and your wife wearing. My wife has no desire to wear diapers nor do I want her to since that would make her uncomfortable. I'm very happy that she doesn't mind that I enjoy wearing diapers. A much worse situation would be if she didn't want you to wear diapers, especially since you are incontinent.

    Just as she respects your need and perhaps desire to wear diapers, you need to respect the fact that it isn't something that appeals to her. Remember that we are a very small percentage of the population. Most people think we're crazy for enjoying diapers. I think you're still ahead in the game.

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    Thanks Dogboy, that was all but very honest and truthful. I have to be happy she loves me the was I am even in my wheelchair since we got married. That was a huge change and she didn't leave me then and not like I'm gonna go as her to ride in one of those for me!!!!

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