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    Default Little time soon!

    Hi everyone

    Due to life circumstances, I don't get little time very often. But, from this evening after work to Thursday morning (except tomorrow during the work day) I'll be diapered up and in little mode! I even went to Target to get some white leggings and a cute nightgown with little flowers all over it! Got a pack of bellissimo's in the mail Friday and I'll get to enjoy them for the next few days.

    Ive never spent this much time diapered, so I'm looking forward to it. I'm going to attempt to fully use them when I'm wearing them, for wetting and messing whenever I need to. Should be a fun few days! If my little self can figure out this complicated website maybe I'll post some updates before little time ends

    Cheers! xoxo
    Sarah ❤️

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    Yay! that sounds like a bunch of fun! hope you enjoy it and have a good time! but be wary of rashes

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    Thanks! That's the problem when you have no one to babysit and check your diaper every now and then 😕

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