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    Hi I ordered a pack of the Bellisimo from bambino 2 weeks ago on may 22'nd and I was wondering if anyone else has had issues with shipping, It's been 2 weeks and I haven't received tracking information and my package hasn't arrived yet, has anyone else had any recent issues with bambino?

    it was marked as shipped on the 23'rd, but I still haven't received the package.

    I've already contacted their support twice trying to find out, and I got a response the first time, but when I responded to that email I didn't hear back from them again.

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    bambino doesn't normally send out tracking information. two weeks is excessive. I'd consider giving them a call. They're not known for having fulfillment or shipping problems.

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    They changed to FedEx recently, I have always had problems with FedEx, I would not be shocked to learn that the problem was with FedEx here. When I read that Bambino's changed from UPS (which I dislike also) to FedEx (which I utterly despise) I realized that I would not be buying Bambinos again any time soon.

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    I Agree, FedEx is the terrible, even worse is USPS. Every time I get something shipped by them, it's always delayed some how. UPS is better but not by much.

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