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Thread: Little Girl Animes and TV Shows

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    Default Little Girl Animes and TV Shows

    I've been trying to find some shows to help me get into the baby girl mindset. Currently I've found Shugo Chara (which is great btw and any AB fan of anime should watch it) and Lilpri for Anime and Sofia the First for TV Shows. Anyone have any recommendations or suggestions?

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    Here are a few suggestions :
    - Ojamajo Doremi, really enjoyable and funny 200ish episodes. Still haven't finished it.
    - Ashita no Nadja, more romance/adventure with a theme that matchs the 80's anime like "Princess Sarah"
    - Candy Candy, a bit old but if you don't mind the very shojo style...
    - Sugar Sugar Rune, I found that very entertaining. (very catchy opening)
    - the crayon kingdom of dreams, same age target than Sofia but far more funny.
    - Tokyo Mew Mew, old school but still very nice.
    - Precure, there's a lot of seasons and a lot of people like it.
    - Jewelpet , never seen this one but I'd like to.
    - Paw patrol, not exclusively for little girls, but I find it very neutral : it's not as boyish as 'Miles from tomorrowland' can be. I still enjoyed both.
    - Petite Princess Yucie, it's a Gainax adaptation of the "princess maker" game series that was really popular in the early 2000's
    - Littlest pet shop, same team of voice actors from My little pony. It is quite enjoyable.
    - Doc McStuffins a "Sofia the first" style cartoon. Lots of songs and a doctor who cures plushies. Adorable if you can endure the songs.

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    Well it's not a tv show but I think you will appreciate it, it's called Kiki's Delivery Service. It's an animated movie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ABDL4ever View Post
    Well it's not a tv show but I think you will appreciate it, it's called Kiki's Delivery Service. It's an animated movie.
    Any of the movies (anime) from studio ghibili are great! Personal favorite is spirited away!

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    If Tokyo Mew Mew and Precure are going to be mentioned here (as koda42 did) as well as CardCaptor Sakura (as FluffyMastiff did), then I believe that Sailor Moon has to also be mentioned. It's what got me into anime, and it's widely considered the first team magical girl series. More info than you could ever want to know about this anime series is at .

    And if Kiki's Delivery Service is going to be mentioned here (as ABDL4ever did), then I believe that My Neighbor Totoro has to also be mentioned. It's also a Studio Ghibli/Hayao Miyazaki movie, and I believe it will get you into an even-younger-girl mindset than Kiki's Delivery Service. A summary of it, as well as a version of its plot with spoilers, is at .
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    I would suggest Hanamaru Kindergarten if you're still looking.. >.<

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    I will say that Cardcaptor Sakura isn't just a "little girl's anime", though it can help with feeling like a little girl. It's also just a genuinely good anime in it's own right.

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    Try Lilpri, it's really cute

    Also try Fushigiboshi no futago hime

    Littlest Pet Shop is also good

    Since no one that I'm aware of mentioned, My Little Pony is a classic

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