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Thread: Wearing Two Diapers at the Same time

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    Question Wearing Two Diapers at the Same time

    So have you tried wearing two diapers at once at the same time?

    Any thoughts

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    I don't wear often but I've tried this. I think quite a large portion of the community has at some point. Another possibility is poking holes in the inside diapers to allow the whole thing to be functional as well as aesthetic. There's definetely an appeal, but it wasn't terribly comfortable in my experience. I think if you're going to do this, make sure the first diaper is reasonable snug and well-fitted but don't tighten the fit of anything else you put on top too much.

    This is speaking as a male. :P Girls may not have problems with this one for all I know.

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    I recently doubled up for the first time and it was great. Poked holes all around a molicare super plus and then covered it with a little paws. Lasted a very long time and was super thick.

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    I once cut two slits on the front of a diaper, put it on and put another diaper on top of that one. I struggled to close my legs and I waddled everywhere, it was awesome. Although it didn't work entirely as I had anticipated, when I changed at the end of the day my inner diaper was totally soaked but the outer diaper was almost completely dry. Next time I'll have to be more thorough in making holes on the inner diaper.

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    I've double-diapered in those super-cheap Walgreens diapers but I don't think I've done so yet in a high quality diaper. Although on Friday I wore a Well Beginnings My Little Pony diaper underneath an XP Medical Absorbency+ and it was awesome.

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    since about 2 weeks ago I haven't worn in any other way but 2 diapers at a time.
    do females struggle to put on more than two or is it just males??
    for me the bulge of ... makes it difficult to fit more than 2 at a time.

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    In the past I've tried doubling up for added capacity, but I found it's a lot simpler to just plain buy better diapers to begin with.

    Nowadays I still will double up on very rare occasion, just for the added bulk. I have a 24/7 in the drawer, taped looser, that I can pull up over another diaper if I feel like spending a few hours in something thicker.

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    Doubled Abenas before, you'll need it if you practice desperation wetting

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