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    Hi Guys,

    Does anyone know, can long periods (lets say 8 hours) in diapers used for pee only be a problem in terms of infections/health ? I like to stay in diapers even when they are wet but am just a bit concerned if there could be any health issues ?? Would love to hear some views...........

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    Provided that you use a suitable barrier lotion, clean yourself up properly afterwards, and don't have particularly delicate skin, you shouldn't have any problems.

    Anyone who wears overnight will potentially be in a wet nappy for eight hours, and there are plenty of people who've worn far longer. The longest I've personally worn the same nappy for is nearly 20 hours.

    Urine is acidic, but if you keep yourself properly hydrated, it's not that acidic, and adult skin is not that delicate (generally).

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    I've gone about 12 hours in the same nappy, baby nappies say they protect for up to 12 hours so hey I use them for as long as I can

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akastus View Post
    ...Urine is acidic, but if you keep yourself properly hydrated, it's not that acidic, and adult skin is not that delicate (generally).
    Urine is neutral during the day but ranges from very slightly acidic in the morning to very slightly alkaline at night. The usual range in pH 6.5-7.5 with pH 7 being neutral. Urine can become pretty acidic or basic but those are generally side effects of larger health concerns (tract infections, stones, dehydration etc.) and can be used as indicators as a diagnosis for them. Some medications can also have an effect on pH levels. During the day your body does an excellent job buffering your urine and keeping it neutral at pH 7 by releasing or retaining salt in your body as needed. Ammonia, which is what is produced as urea breaks down, is actually moderately basic while your skin is slightly acidic (pH 6?).

    Every time I see the blanket statement "urine is acidic" I wonder if people actually know what the levels of pH are, either in themselves or as an accepted average for humans. Urine as it is expelled is most probably slightly acidic (I would hazard a guess that with the average diet and levels of activity probably a pH of 6) but as it breaks down it becomes alkaline as the urea produces ammonia.

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    The problem is that if you start going into the minutiae of organic chemistry, people's eyes glaze over. I suspect that most people completely forget what pH is before too long out of school. I specifically studied organic chemistry at one point, and God knows I've forgotten most of it. "Urine is somewhat acidic" is a useful shorthand for why you should limit skin exposure to it, without going into the complexities of Urea breaking down to produce a mildly basic solution of Ammonia, and its consequent reaction with the slight acidity (pH 5.5 I believe) of skin.

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    Glossing over the fact that the pH of a solution isn't any true indicator of how reactive it will be - just how concentrated certain ions are . . .
    I should think the bigger issue would be direct reactions of ammonia with the skin and the increased microbial growth because the area remains a high humidity environment.

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    I've heard in the past that urine is pH neutral and only changes when it reacts with the air and ammonia forms, which can affect your skin and make you smell. This topic has become a debate over chemistry and not diaper changing now lol.

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    For me, I have gone over 20 hours on several cross country trips by car when wearing a high capacity diaper such as a Dry 24/7. It really boils down to: Your skin sensitivity, Cleanliness BEFORE putting on for long duration (wash well and use a good barrier cream before padding), and what you drink (coffee or cola may not be the best thing for extended periods, for both smell and a acidity). So in a nutshell, start clean (less bacteria), use barrier cream (protects skin), wear a highly absorbent product (holds up and provides better dispersal) and drink mostly water and you can go long beyond what the manufacturers recommend, safely. Best advice, experiment and extend your wearing until you feel it comfortable not too. Eventually you will either leak of just feel it's not comfortable to stay in it any longer.

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    I think if you're only peeing, diaper capacity typically comes up before skin issues. Most diapers aren't good for much more than 8-12 hours. Maybe a really good premium ABDL diaper will go 12-15, but if you're drinking a reasonable amount of water (which is good to help skin and avoid your pee smelling really strong) you're going to wet a fair amount and reach the point where your diaper is going to leak.

    Where this does come up is doubling up diapers. That I've done for about 24 hours and did get a minor rash afterwards, but no other problems, so it's no big deal unless your skin is particularly sensitive.

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