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Thread: ABU Lavender- When are they coming to the UK?

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    Default ABU Lavender- When are they coming to the UK?

    Anyone know of UK sellers stocking the ABU Lavender? They look amazing! NappiesRUs has a couple of different ABU's but so far no sign of the latest release. Is there any intelligence on this out there?

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    Give it time! They've only just been released in the US! To the best of my knowledge, NRU are ABU's only official distribution agent in the UK, and they historically have gotten new products about 6 weeks after ABU have released them, so I wouldn't expect to see them any earlier unless you are willing to pay obscene shipping costs.

    Besides, they're built on the Cushies/SDK 2.0 frame, and they ARE available in the UK, if you want to try them in the meantime.

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    Thanks for the reply I'm just impatient because I'd love to try them and I'm sure my little would as well
    I'll grudgingly wait 6 weeks or so before I begin to complain more
    Yeh Cushies are a firm favourite of mine, will probably just order more of them to keep us going until Lavenders reach these shores.

    but the Space look so good as well..... I can just haz all of them?

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