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Thread: Best diapers to wear during the summer

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    Default Best diapers to wear during the summer

    Since Summer is just around the corner, and even though it's still getting close to the end of spring, What are the best diapers to wear during the Summer?

    Mine is Walgreens Certainty Briefs, because it's comfortable to wear when it's very hot outside because it's cloth backed and even though those don't hold a lot, it's still worth the comfort in my opinion.

    Let me know what you think of what's the best diapers to wear during the Summer?


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    I was 24/7 all through a very warm (for us) Washington state summer last year. We may be wimps about heat but we also don't do much with air conditioning, so little respite. In any event, I just accepted that I was going to be uncomfortable that way. Clothlike covers impair my diaper enjoyment, so it was plastic backed all the way. Mostly Depends Protection with Tabs for work. Now that those have gone to clothlike covers, I'll be finding a new product for work wear. I'm currently working my way through a cheap case of Attends with Waistband but the low price won't be enough to bring me back for a second case.

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    Cloth backed Tena and Attends work for me in warmer weather.

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    Here in England we tend not to get nice weather but the past like 3 weeks has been really warm with the odd shower or dull day, because I use ConvertUps I wear baby diapers so they're nice and thin to keep cool in

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    Attends Overnight Breathable Briefs and Attends Plastic backed briefs for thin, comfort, with decent but not great absorption (not for extended use).

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    I like McKesson Ultra diapers. They're cloth backed but they do have a bit of SAP and hold a fair amount, not great but better than the big box or drug store brands and very competively priced. If I need a bit more capacity I'll just add a baby diaper or guard pad. If I'll be out and about for a while I'll also wear my Gary PUL pants which are a bit warm but not nearly as hot as regular vinyl or rubber pants.

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    I wear the cloth-like backing diapers, the Walgreen's CERTAINTY brand.

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    The ABU SDK V2 is not that bad. But I still have the Total Dry Protection Plus which works great. And of course my IC pads.

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    i personally wear the Walgreens certainty briefs, mostly because of price and availability, but they are rather breathable (important in Florida). my recommended summer diaper

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    I usually wear my cloth during the summer nothing breathes like a real cloth diaper, pair that with a good rubber or plastic pant and you got a winner, I usually wear an Angelfluff Ultimate 3 with "blue ice" pants daytime and change into bloomers for night, I love the Babykins rubber bloomers.

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