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    Hi all

    Was going over my old threads and just found this:

    Hi all.

    "Been a big couple of weeks for me, with accepting this side of myself. I boughtmy first diapers, and have chatted to people, and even told my brother! I sometimes feel very sad though. I suffer with anxiety, and have never had a girlfriend. Sometimes it's ok, but the lonliness does get to me. I wonder if part of the reason i have resisted relationships is because i know i have this kink. I guess i'd like some advisr. I mean, i suppose it's unlikely that i will ever find a mummy/playmate type girlfriend. But if things got serious, i know i would probably need to expose this side of myself. In terms of partners (none ab) have any pf you opened up, and how did it go (i'd love to here possitive and negative), and has anyone kept it secret from their partners, and how has that been? Thank you all for your support in advance. X "

    What a change it's been over he last couple of years. I have met a wonderful wonderful woman. We met on one of these types of forums, and my life has been transformed. I am now getting married in August, moving over seas, and we are expecting our first child.

    I guess I just wanted to say A: How thankful I am for this community, and how it has helped me to feel like a less of a freak, and to accept that I deserve to be loved. And B: Let everyone who is feeling lonely know that sometimes things can work. We are not freaks. We are vulnerable, but that inner child needs to be looked after, like we would look after any vulnerable child. It's been a journey of discovery, my anxiety and OCD get me down, but in life there is light. I have worried that this side of me is horrid, but by embracing it in private, and loving that side of me, I have become a better teacher (which is my job), a better companion, more stable and (I think) a far happier person.

    Thank you, and love who you are.

    Martin xxx

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    Being able to accept one's self can change the entire equation. When I was much younger, I thought I was a freak and possibly, out of my mind. But through the years, and especially becoming involved on this site has made me very comfortable with who I am. So, I know what you're saying.

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    Wow your life has really turned for the positive. Very good that you never really gave up.

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    Its good to hear such a great story

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    Congratulations on getting married. I'm glad everything has worked out for you.

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