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Thread: What do you have for breakfast?

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    Default What do you have for breakfast?

    Scrambled eggs and cheese~ yummy!
    Makes me feel childish without eat loads of sugar >,<

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    I like to take two pieces of toast, some scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese, and ketchup and make a sandwich out of them, a Cowboy sandwich as my dad calls them. I also like pancakes with blueberries, strawberries, and homemade syrup.

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    I don't generally eat breakfast in the morning but I'm happy to eat most breakfast foods whenever. I'm not a fan of cold cereal despite its convenience. When I do see the need for something, it's usually toast with cheese or jam. I can't think of foods offhand that would remind me of childhood. Outside of baby food, I eat the same things now as I did when I was little.

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    Microwave two-egg omelette with sprinkles of cheese, with ketchup drizzled on top. Also lightly buttered wheat toast, maybe followed by mini pancakes or toaster pastry.

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    My two favorites are scrambled eggs and toast sticks with a sliced banana or sliced strawberries or bran flakes that sit in milk for a while to get mushy and then slice up a banana and puree it all together, yummers.

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    I not wake up for breakfast and I notta allowed make breakfast

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