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Thread: Hello all! Gender gray testicular cancer survivor that just started wearing diapers 24/7

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    Default Hello all! Gender gray testicular cancer survivor that just started wearing diapers 24/7

    I'm a 30/yr old that fells like a female most of the time but still identifies as a male. I spent 2 years battling testicular cancer (lost a nut) and I'm in year 2 of remission! 😃. I started wearing diapers to find relief of a hydrocel (big testicle). After 7 days of being padded I'm hooked, but in need of acceptance, answers to lots of questions and people to talk to about wearing 24/7. I have have thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail and PCT, love RPGs and grew up skating and surfing. I'm open to any questions and hoping this site can answer a few of my own.
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    Hello Avovado and welcome to the group.

    Very informative introduction.


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    Hi and welcome to adisc. I'm sorry you had to experience testicular cancer. You seem quite young to have had something like that. I hope you now feel better.

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