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    How can I train myself to start wetting the bed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyBoyDevin View Post
    How can I train myself to start wetting the bed?
    Good question. You don't buddy. Bad move, bad choice, you don't want it.

    You won't even get the outcome of what you want, you'll start to smell, wake up to smelly bedsheets, and very worried parents, even have concerned friends, Not a perfect outcome. If it's just to obtain diapers, you might get medication instead and some very upset parents when they later find out it was a scheme.

    BUT I do see that you're new so welcome to ADISC~

    wanna tell us more about yourself?

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    Closing - Trying to train yourself to bedwet is a very bad idea. If it does work, you're likely to seriously injure yourself.

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