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Thread: How do littles feels about holidays?

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    Default How do littles feels about holidays?

    How do you littles feels/experience holidays like Christmas ,Easter or Halloween?

    Does that puts you in your little place?
    Are you celebrate in the same way since you were a child, or differently?
    And what do you like the most in these festivities?

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    I go straight to Little me on the holidays especially Christmas 🎅🎄

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    They there to be enjoyed, so I Mack the bestes of them specially Christmas and Easter.

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    I miss going around and collecting candy at Halloween, though I suppose that in a few years I can go with my niece Sofia when she's old enough to go. I haven't really enjoyed Christmas as much lately, though I think that's mainly because of our sheer lack of decorations. I think that if I get more to lift people's spirits then that will make it better.

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    Holidays mean more time to be little and Christmas is always fun

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    I love Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, I guess because I have such good memories of them from my childhood. I loved scary movies when I was a little kid, and I would sometimes stay awake until my parents went to bed, and then I'd turn on the TV and watch the old monster movies they'd show on Saturday night. Shock Theater would air on one of the channels and it was my favorite.

    Thanksgiving was fun because the whole family would get together and the turkey always tasted so good. The Christmas toy commercials would start to air on TV and I would get so excited, along with the Christmas specials like A Charlie Brown Christmas, etc.

    Christmas was more than just the gifts, but getting toys was awesome. I also loved the music, the Christmas tree with the lights and the decorations. My dad would put out the train table in our living room and he'd set up the American Flyer trains which I loved to play with. Oh to be able to go back to those simpler times, even for just a few days.

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    I still love Christmas, Easter, and Halloween.

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    I love Christmas and Thanksgiving. I regress on these days pretty easily. I also consider my birthday a holiday. I adore it completely.

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    I like to decorate for the holidays. I celebrate in the same way like a child. I still have decorations from the late 70's and early 80's. Some new decorations from the 90's too. Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

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    Decorating for Easter and Christmas is one of my favorite activities too! I always celebrated these holiday with family as I have always done. And we use many old decorations inherited from our grandparents and great-grandparents (the Christmas one). In addition the city where we reunited for holiday is rather touristic so every year the municipality decorates the town with lights and other decoration. It really some beautiful time of the year .

    In terms of halloween ... Few people are interested in it, in my area. I could do a trick or treat night only two times in my life when I was pre-teen. Because this celebration doesn't have a great success where i live. And it's generally just vaguely used at some main theme for nightclub rather that a celebration including kids or teenagers... I still celebrate it sometime with friends on house party, but i miss the trick or treat thing. I remember that i was really impress when i say for the fist time, online picture of entire foreign homes or neighborhoods decorated for halloween ! They look fantastic! :

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