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    Hey yall, i had a weekend from hell, well really a memorial day from hell

    My "husband" was driving my car and got angry, so he was driving recklessly, i told him to pull over, he did, then got out of the car and started smashing it, it was deemed totaled, he walked back to my house and i called my brother to help me take care of it,

    After my car was taken care of , we went back to my house to find my "husband" lying on the floor unconcious, aparantly he had taken sleeping pills with drain cleaner and tried to commit suicide, so we called 911 and he is still in the hospital...

    I am so done with him, after he gets released either today or tomorrow he is not coming back to the house, i already have his bag packed and once he gets released, my dad already said he would buy him a plane ticket back to where he is from

    Now to begin the process of divorce, lol

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    That sounds rough and stressful. Hope everything is going well.

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    I'm sorry this has happened to you. How long have you been married? You have a lot ahead of you and a lot to deal with. You will need to get a lawyer and he probably will have one as well. But this will be the beginning of a new life, one that hopefully will have a lot less stress and aggravation.

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    Well NC law states that in order to get a divorce you have to be seperated for a year, he left this morning

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