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    Earlier today I did have a late afternoon nap from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM.
    For a while before my nap today, I thought that I really was a baby as I mutely lay in my bed between my side-safety rails. I hugged my diapered teddy bear, "Howard Hug", and my mind felt blank and empty of all adult thoughts and feelings. I was deep into "Adult Baby Regression Mode". Yes, it felt good, and I was very happy inside. My mind was at peace. My world shrunk to just the confines of my bed, before I drifted off to sleep at my nap time this afternoon.

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    Lastnight I took a shower, used baby shampoo, dried off then put diaper rash cream on, then rubbed baby lotion all over my arms, legs and belly. I then pulled a sdk out, layed on it, powdered and taped, put a white under shirt on.
    I then layed in bed with a baby bottle full of water, I watched an episode of the Simpsons and totally chilled out.
    The scents of everything mixed with suckling the bottle was so relaxing to me, I can't wait for night night time tonight

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    With my having Cerebral Palsy, and not being able to walk without my forearm crutches or my rollator walker, I feel rather little, like a baby still learning how to stand and walk. At naptime and bedtime, I do not wear my AFO leg braces, and I lie in my bed flat on my back in just my diaper, and I admit to feeling a bit physically helpless. I grasp my big teddy bear, "Howard Hug" and I gently hug him. He make me feel safe an loved. I also mutely play with my baby rattles. Their colors, sounds, and movement sooth and comfort me. I regress very profoundly to early infancy.

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    Caitianx, thank you for sharing that, it's one of the most sensitive descriptions of regression I've ever read. I am also a regressive and consider it a gift. It comes when I need it and leaves me content and happy.

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    Yes i agree with bottle and teddy (my teddys name is yogi), and some cartoons or i love my teether really helps with feeling safe and secure. Huggles goes out to all my friends here including caitianx. Thank u for sharing

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    Also while in deep regression time I will suck my left thumb. My thumb in my mouth is profoundly comforting. Up until age 5, I daily sucked my thumb for hours and hours. My Kindergarten Teacher "broke me" of sucking my thumb by harsh measures to humiliate me in front of my classmates. But, as an older adult, I "rediscovered" the soothing gentle pleasure of my left thumb and I suck my thumb for a couple hours a day now to aid my cognitive/emotional self-regulation as an older adult with Cerebral Palsy and Autism.

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    I suck my thumb all the time in bed. I can (and have) gone without if needed but I fall right back into the habit as soon as I can. I love it - a nice blanket and my thumb in my mouth.

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    Of course, there are times, when I am a "Little" and not a "Baby". This evening I quietly played out in my back yard with my NERF CENTURION CS-6 toy rifle:

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