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    I'm honestly use to being alone. I really am, but I started feeling like "This was it" feeling. Like I was only meant to be alone and do nothing else. My heart sunk for a moment and I couldn't help feeling like it was all true. I have had a problem getting my feeling out to the world. Most people I mostly see as enemies. I've been fighting for a real long time. There were time I thought I find someone special, but I just ended up being used. I just can't bring myself to think about being with someone anymore. My heart just feels too weak. For now I've gotten my loneliness under control, but I still feel like a need a hug.

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    If I could, I share my teddy with you I hope you have a snuggly helps a lot.

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    i know exactly how you feel. loneliness and depression are emotions i'm very familiar with. and i have moments where i know for a fact i'm going to be alone for the rest of my life so i might as well get used to the idea. but that kind of thinking never really helps. then there are days when you don't dwell on the negative. when you've spent the day with friends and family and for a time you can forget that you'll be spending the night alone as usual. the only thing that really helps is getting outside and doing things with other people even if you don't get the desired outcome you're looking for. you'll still end up having a good time

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    First of all, don't get too used to being alone. It's a vicious cycle (I can say this from experience). Sometimes it just feels easier to spend time with yourself than with others. That way you don't have to worry about feeling insecure, or saying the wrong thing, or fearing that someone is judging you. It's understandable to want to pull away from the world, especially if you've been burned when you've tried to reach out. It becomes a cycle because the more you isolate yourself from others and getting too comfortable with your own company, the more it leads to increased loneliness and depression. I don't believe that anyone is 'meant' to be alone. Some people may prefer it, but from the sound of your post, you are not happy with the situation. Congratulations, you've taken the first step by realizing it's a problem that is affecting your life.

    If you're looking for ways to meet people, then you'll need to overcome inertia and force yourself to get out of the house once in awhile. I know you work a lot of hours but if you could commit to taking one night or afternoon to socialize with others, and stick to it, it may be a way to overcome these feelings. You have a lot of creative talents, so maybe you could take an evening course to develop those talents and meet other people with similar interests. You could also try meeting up with other ABDL's through Fetlife or see if they have any community munches in your area. I also know a number of people who met their partners through online dating sites. There's a lot of ways to meet people, but you have to be willing to put yourself out there, and also remember that it can take time before you meet the right person.

    You have a lot of talent, creativity, energy, and a unique perspective on the world. Anyone would be lucky to have you. You just have to take the chance and trust yourself, and have faith in yourself..

    Lotsa hugs, my friend.


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    don't give up ever! If you are alone, learn yourself. theres a quote that says 'if your lonely when your by yourself you haven't made yourself good company' humans by nature and meant to be with others, but we are also made to be individual thinkers and creatures. dont lose hope! you'll find whomever your looking for

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    I would bet that for most of us, we met that special person by the weirdest, unintended set of circumstances. I had to move 400 miles away from my home to eventually find the woman who would become my wife. It's when we don't try that someone incredible comes into our lives, so hang in there and don't lose hope. Hugs.

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    "Hi" is the least lonely word--the trick is finding people to say it to.

    It's easy to stick to your routines, especially if you are busy, but bouncing between a few places isn't a very good way to see the kinds of people that are out there; it's a pretty gigantic world out there after all...

    A lot of us see ourselves as strange, doomed to either a mediocre relationship or loneliness unless we manage to win a figurative lottery. Who can blame us? We aren't normal, after all.

    But, what basis do we have to say that when we get stuck in a routine that doesn't involve us meeting anyone new? If we do this to ourselves with that mindset, it is very easy to go for weeks, months, years without making any new relationships and get discouraged and lonely. Seeing couples everywhere, and envying the fact that they have what you never could realistically have.

    But "realistically" as a word is a terrible liar. It is a place where the worst of your mind meets with the worst of your biases. You don't know what would happen if you got to know new people.

    So, if you are feeling lonely, don't be discouraged--fix it! Meet someone new!

    Take courses, join groups, or just strike up a conversation with a stranger. The more people you know a little, the easier it is to find people you like a lot. And guess what? You will also meet people that like you a lot.

    It might not be tomorrow, it might not be this month, it might not even be this year--but if you combat your loneliness, you will win...and it will be awesome!

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    The feeling of loneliness is all so often overwhelming and can start to take over all other feelings you may have, any small moments of joy can become overshadowed by that feeling of loneliness, it really can be overbearing. While nobody here can give you an actual hug, I'm sure there are lots of people here that would send you virtual hugs. And as ozbub said, teddies can help! They are always there for a cuddle when you feel lonely! I'd be genuinely lost without mine.

    What thingywhat above said is all absolutley valid though, and for the most part what I was going to say (until I scrolled down and saw it had already been said!) I think my main point I'd like to make is try not to lose faith in humanity. I've been there, feeling so alone, like nobody in the whole world cares, nobody to talk to, feeling so incredibly alone it's like an awful black darkness in the pit of your stomach weighing you down, you can physically feel the weight of it. However... us humans are inherently social beings, we need the companion of others for friendship, support, companionship; We don't do very well without it.

    When you've been spurned or lied to or let down, it can be all too easy to feel that all of humanity has let you down. In reality though, there are lots of new people out there - every person out there is a potential friend. It's the reason I've joined this website - to try and reach out and talk to some new people, to make some friends. It's a difficult journey, but say hi to people, smile - even when nobody is looking, it gets you in practice for when people are looking! When I feel down, I sometimes go for a walk somewhere nice and just... just walk, see the people getting on with their lives, smile at them, they smile back. It sounds stupid - and the last thing you want to hear when you feel down is "Oooh, you should do this/try that". However, it does work. I could go into the psychology of why these things work, but it's very boring. But if you're willing, give it a go: chat to people on here or other websites and try and make friends, a simple "hi" goes a long way; Go for a walk and smile at people; If you have an interest, join a group or a course; Say hi to strangers; Smile when you're by yourself and most of all, do your best to try and appreciate yourself and be kind to yourself. Every person is special and every person deserves friends. Making friends is never instant, it takes time. That's part of the adventure. Treasure the small steps and eventually you'll hit gold.

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    I just lost my best friend and another somewhat close friend. Both just either walked away from me or drifted away. So yeah...I'm in the same boat with ya...

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    I admit myself to experiencing loneliness.
    Being Autistic, I prefer solitude, but at the same time I feel lonely.
    Friendships are difficult.

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