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Thread: Finding a Caretaker/Daddy/Mommy?

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    Question Finding a Caretaker/Daddy/Mommy?

    Hello There!

    Its been a while since I've been involved in the ADISC community and a good while since ever interacting with the Little side of life and have recently decided to get a bit back into it since a friend kinda convinced me to give it a try again but unlike the past where things fell into my lap I am at a standstill.

    Its been kind of a problem for me since a majority of caretakers I've met have kinda been a bit on the problematic or weird side causing me to take a more cautious with who I meet or rather which kinda has gotten me in a point where I just dont know what I really should do in the first place.

    So my question to you is:

    "How does one even go in finding potential caretakers? "

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    I can understand feeling cautious because I had a lot of weird daddy's contact me too (of course there were some lovely ones), but don't let it put you off!

    I met my daddy on fetlife, I know fetlife is a bit scary but I just joined all the littles groups and posted in the personals sections on them and ignored the rest of the website.. Everyone who contacted me apart from one person was respectful that I wanted it kept PG clean I still found I didn't click with any of them though, but that's when my daddy messaged me and we just clicked!

    So you could try that or try coming to events like playzone in September and little big land in August

    Good luck!

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    I am at school (work.) At the moment but it's home time I will put some thoughts together for you.

    Have fun.


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    Ok Hi.

    I back from school and I have had my nap.

    So first question I need to ask is why do you need a caregiver ?

    For me I get in to models and I need someone to just help me as some times I get foggy head. Or I will over think things. Also I need help focusing on one task at a time.

    Always remember although you are wanting to be dismissive to the dominant. You have control over who you choose to be your P-Dom or caregiver.

    You choose male or female and wear that you want it to be sexual.

    Personally yucky sex ewooo. But we are all different.

    The problem I find in finding a caregiver for a little boy is if it is a Daddy there is the homosexual side to things which is fine if you are homosexual but if you're not it may be an issue.

    Finding a Mummy I think is different as must ladies are carefully talking to strangers online.

    But in our community this is the way people find others wither it is a Dom/ caregiver or other Little freand.

    I only join this community site last year and now I have Little freand from all over the world.

    Hope all that has helped you.


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    What's sex?, 5 year olds don't Know what sex is for them to think ist is yuckie. (Yes, i do Know what sex is)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelic View Post
    What's sex?, 5 year olds don't Know what sex is for them to think ist is yuckie. (Yes, i do Know what sex is)

    It something group up do. Alot.
    I was shown a film at Schoo once. And that was ewww really.
    But why?
    Yes but Why?

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    tumblr, abdl match, wetting wonderland, i think daily diapers does, fetlife, even facebook and twitter And one site i cant think of im totally blanking on it right now but that one to. yes its a little terrifying, but if you just weed out the scary ones eventually you'll find the right person for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noodle View Post

    "How does one even go in finding potential caretakers? "
    I'm on the other side of the table so to speak, me being mostly a caretaker, so I'll offer my experience from this point of view.

    To get some interaction within any community, the first thing would be putting yourself out there by getting to know more people, both online and by taking part to events where you can meet them first hand. Basically getting into a network of likeminded contacts and friends. It may feel a bit uncomfortable at first and you may meet people that have interests a little different from yours, but this doesn't mean they can't be amazing friends! FetLife is a pretty good place to start on that and I must say, despite Adisc not being a community primarily aimed at that, I made the most of my ABDL friends on here, many of them I eventually got to meet face to face, and a few of which I was lucky enough to be the CT of.

    I think it's kind of inherent to the CT role to reach out to a little when you're looking for one, at least that's what comes pretty natural to me. I'm not saying you should sit on your bum and just wait for someone to pick you, or advertise yourself out to the point that 90% of the contacts you'd get are weird ones - unless you don't mind dealing with that -, you definitely can take the initiative to contact a potential CT that you seem to like, but ultimately they have to be the ones deciding to adopt you. You're lucky to live in an area where it's not rare to find people into this sort of things, although being quite picky myself I realize that doesn't mean it's easy to find a match.

    Any more specific questions you might want to ask, you know how to reach me!

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    Something else that most people don't do, but its for safety sake, if you are going to meet someone that is a potential caregiver or Daddy or Mommy, meet in a public place to start off with, go out and have a coffee with them and establish what you are looking for. Also, tell someone that you know and trust that you have their phone number where you are going just in case it doesn't feel right and you aren't feeling safe. If you live in a Big city, sometimes there are AB groups and you can get one of them to come with you if your not feeling really comfortable

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    hi im completly new to the abdl life style as a whole
    so im having a similur issue and smypathize.
    i no the basic about trying to find a daddy
    im trans an havent hed resignment so im 'pletly terrified
    that if iwere to meet em threw sites they wouldnt like ab aby boy with a wrong body
    im also nervous about going to munch were i no nobody
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