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Thread: Fur Fright

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    I'm hoping to make it, but haven't made the arrangements yet.


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    Hope you can come, its a really nice time. I'll likely be fursuiting this time, and will actually have money unlike last time I went. But it would be nice if I could share my room with other furs, and even nicer if I could be a cub in my hotel room with a group of friends. I'd reach out to the other babyfurs who show up at the con, but they kinda make me feel shy, so I never introduced myself to them last time. So I'm left renting a room by myself and hoping to find some fur/babyfur friends to come.

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    Currently have a few potential people I will be rooming with, so almost all set with that. Also bought my con ticket so unless something comes up I am officially going. If anyone else thinks they might run into me there, let me know.

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    No. What is it exactly?

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    It's in the northeast US, in CT. It's Halloween themed so its usually mid October.

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    Is FurFright a very large con at all?

    I don't think it would be par with AnthroCon or maybe even Eurofurence, because that's been getting pretty big too (although places sold out in just four hours, apparently).

    Edit: Yay! 100th post. *does a little dance*

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    Not to steer the conversation, but I figured this would be the best place to ask, will you be attending Eurofurence in 09 Koko?

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    Monkey: No. I go to Furfright because it is local to me and so within my means to attend it. I still have to pay for the con ticket ($55 plus $10 donation), plus a hotel room, which, if I split between three other people, comes out to about $30 - $40 depending on various stuff, plus meals for three days (bye bye, $30 - $50 depending on where I eat), plus either gas, a bus ticket or a rental car for three days ($5, $60, or $150 - $200). That's not counting tips for meals, or any con badges or other things I feel like buying while I'm there ($10 - $100). So, just going to this con could set me back by somewhere between $300 to $400 dollars easily. That's a very sizable amount of my income at the moment. Adding the cost of doing it overseas simply puts it out of the range at which I could afford it. In addition, getting to this con will take me an hour. I'm a student, but I can take a single weekend off. Flying to Europe would just take up too much of my time. I'm much more likely to eventually attend one of the American furry cons that happen during the summer than any others. For now, I'm only attending Furfright, as one con a year is probably enough. For me to attend other cons, it would probably have to be the sort of situation where someone was paying for much of my travel expenses.

    Spirit: Yes. Furfright is the fifth largest furry convention in the world. There were 717 people attending last year. AnthroCon had 2849 in 2007 as number one, Eurofurence was seventh with 585. Furfright had somewhere close to 50 in 2003, 270 in 2004, 320 in 2005, 515 in 2006, all of which are pretty much equal with Eurofurence for each of those years. Don't know what the planned numbers are for 2008, but should easily get somewhere over 500 I think. It's been growing pretty fast for a new con so hopefully it will just keep attracting more people. It's on par with Eurofurence sizes, although it's only been running since 2003. Eurofurence is supposed to get +700 next year, so they'll probably be about the same size.

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