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    the other day I took a friend down to the mall, and after we finished shopping he notest my diaper showing a little bit and asked me what type of frilly looking underwear I was wearing. I didn't realize my shirt I was wearing was on the short side so I pulled down the back of my shirt and covered my shorts. I told him there just under wear, but he said that that he didn't care what I was wearing any way.
    he didn't even think I was warring a diaper. I wear cloth diapers and vinyl pull ups, he is all most 20 years younger then me so he use to seeing disposable diapers any way.

    has anyone else had some one see a bit of your diaper and say anything to you.?

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    I was wearing a short shirt when a Lady at the Bus stop told me my laces were undone. Thank god there was a signs Post Right in Front of me so i didn't have to Bend so much. My Diaper is a but more Low Cut but Could still pop up and say hello.

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    I couple years ago I was wearing a dry 24/7 and stopped at a bar for a drink, I figured I was in the clear (pre onesie day) I was waiting for a drink slightly leaned of the bar, I guess my shirt was up a little, when I got my drink a lady was right there and patted my butt, I was so embarrassed and shocked at the same time. In hindsight I should have struck up a conversation, I might have gotten my mommy figure I'm looking for, oh well sometimes you win some and lose some

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    One time I was at walgreens picking up some more certainty diapers; at the time I was double padded up. Ahead of me were two women, one with her son. That day I didn't care about hiding my purchase. Anywho the son sees what I am buying and starts giggling. I in turn said that some times life deals you unfair cards, other times the players try to slip you one. The mother apologized for his action, to which I responded, doesn't matter, just remind him that when he is older he will probably have issues as well. Course in my case I just wear for comfort so yeah ^_^'.,,

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    My wife will tell me discretely if my nappy is showing but no one else has ever mentioned it.

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    Once when I was helping a good friend with yard work I bent over and my shirt rode up in back and the top of my diaper was obvious. My friend (who knew I had to wear diapers) said, "Hey, your Depends are showing". I responded that if he ever had to wear diapers I'd tell him if his were showing too. It was all in fun and we had a good laugh.

    My wife will always tell me if my diaper is showing either by sticking out the top of my pants or if it is bulging to much and becoming obvious.

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    Fortunately haven't had this problem yet. I've always been careful to roll the tops down and wear big underwear over them to cover up.

    Only time I've really been caught is when my stash was found.

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    I woke up early this morning to make a store brand diaper run. I kept my morning diaper on, threw on a pair of mesh shorts, a hat, and a T-shirt. Walked down to the Rite Aid, bought the Depends, and started my walk back. Upon catching my reflection in the mirror, I noticed that my oversized shirt had somehow gotten caught in the back of the diaper I was wearing.. To my horror I calculated that it must have been that way the whole time. There were people behind me in line and on the street.

    I was not stoked about this. Next time I'll try to wake up a little more and get on my game before I go out and make a purchase.

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    Fortunately, as far as I can tell, I haven't had this problem. I typically wear an oversized tank top underneath my shirt and tuck it into my pants or shorts when I wear diapers in public.

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    I've had a person mention noise before and crack jokes about it but other than that I haven't had a problem with anyone noticing other than one of my parents when I was younger and having an embarrassing conversation afterwards.

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