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Thread: I have just been a silly baby

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    Unhappy I have just been a silly baby

    LittleBelle and I went to see Alice Through the Looking Glass last night, to take my mide off Paddy. As I have been moping and missing him all day. And I keep crying becouse I could not give time hugs and talk to him. I don't even now which prison he is at. If I know that I could right to him.

    Anyway I always put a nappy on to goto and see a film so I don't have to go toilet in the middle of the film. And I don't really like using public toilets.

    How ever I did have a big drink of coke through the film and when we got back I had my bottle, and it was late, way past my bed time.

    We might of spent some time playing on the claiming fram and swigs and slides, but we did go on the zip wire becouse it was to hi to get on.

    Any way it was kind gone 2.00am when I put my self to bed. And this is when I did a silly thing.

    Becouse I was all ready wearing a nappy I did not go potty.

    And now I have wocken up in a very wet nappy and a wet bed.

    If I had my Paddy looking after me he would off asked me if I had changed and that I had tryed to use the toilet be fore going to bed.

    And I Definitely would not been allowed to stay up to gone 2.00am

    So now I really won't to go back to sleep but I have to sort my self out.

    Really need a caregiver. To just check on me someone that would send me a text. Would be great.

    The fime is good but you kind of have to follow the story to understand what going on. I would say read the book first.

    And going on the children play park at 11.00pm at night and spending two hours of playing in the dark is really fun.

    Hee, hee


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    Yeah, als a 24/7 i make up a Daddy in in my head that Plays with me, Feeds me, bathes me, changes my nappy and goes Shopping for me. It's a bit like an imaginary friend, a relationship that never dies. He is real in my head and no-one elses and i Love him. (No i am Crazy and i Do NOT See things)

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    As far as having a somewhat imaginary parent, I do this too, I imagine that I still live with my grandparents. They have both passed away now but they are mainly who took care of me as a child so I still remember what they would say to me and how they would take care of me so in certain situations I still hear them saying these things to me and still being my "parents" . I am also trying to start getting into a more solid routine. Something that would have been set out for me when I really was little. Work makes that difficult because I don't get off until 9pm but I try to make due. When the only parent you have is in your head you take what you can get, I would however love to still have real parents to tell me what to do.

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    Hummm thankQ
    Having someone that cares for you is not the same as doing it DIY still though.

    I not sure about having an imaginary friend, is going to work for me.

    I have heard from Paddy, he is in Exeter prison and he ok.

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    I can be your daddy, you can text chat with me through Skype. You can message me anytime, I'll be there for you little guy.

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