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Thread: Finding a CGLB, DDLB or a DMLB please help.

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    Cool Finding a CGLB, DDLB or a DMLB please help.

    Hi everyone.

    Is there a wedsite where I could find a CGLB, DDLB or a DMLB. Not becouse I don't like looking at the images that come up on that site.

    I not giving up on my Paddy eather, he is still my Dom. And I really miss him and there will be a big back log of hugs whatting for him when he gets out of prision.

    But he may be gone for a while could be 12 mouths worth of hugs waighting for him.

    However though I have looked after my self in the past. It do like being looked after.

    Sorry Moo I know this is bending the rules but I don't know where else to turn.

    I just hope there is someone that can help.

    Thanks Sisi

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    I think they stand for "Caregiver/Little Boy", "Dom Daddy/Little Boy" and "Dom Mommy/Little Boy"...but I could be wrong

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonkeyFrog View Post
    "CGLB, DDLB or a DMLB" - er?


    CGLB could stand for: crys, Giggles, laughing, bats
    DDLB could stand for: dangerous dinosaurs loves babies.
    And DMLB could stand for: dangerous Monsters loves babies.
    Hee, hee.
    I also like vanilla ice cream.
    Hee, hee.

    Anyway CGLB is caregiver little boy.
    This is a person that will take the Care someone like me. The level of care differs between the Little and the caregiver.
    Dominant Daddy and Dominant mummy is a person that will perent a Little like me otherwise known as a P-Dom.

    I kind of need a caregiver or a P-Dom as I need some one just to make sure I not getting it to a muddle and I Ok, excetra.

    But I Don't know where I can go to find someone.

    ThankQ for any help you can give.


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    Sisi, were you going to replace your Brother/son, what will your son think, please think about what you Are doing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelic View Post
    Sisi, were you going to replace your Brother/son, what will your son think, please think about what you Are doing!

    Hi Angelic.

    I not replace My Paddy, I could never replace him. He is one of a kind. Me lovely Paddy. One thing about us Littles we very loyal to the ones we let be our P-Dom.

    You will know the amount of trust that we put into that person.

    That resion I am starting to look is that I may not see him for a while. At the moment he is in custody waiting to go to the Crown Court to be sentenced.

    But thankQ for your concern


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