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    I'm going to bed now just wanted to share my plushies I sleep with every night...... most nights its Tails. Who does everyone sleep with?

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    Nice, I sleep with Rex the dog and Peter the Rabit and toothless watches over me and I am getting quite a collection.
    Of there freands as well.

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    Now that I look at those two pictures I noticed the Charizard pillow. I had that some pillow. I wish I still did.

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    I used to sleep with my pound puppy brownie and my teddy bear boo boo bear but since I have a real doggy that sleeps with me I don't keep stuffed animals in the bed. You never know when he may become bored in the middle of the night and rip them to shreds.

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    Pikachu and Yoshi. If I'm taking a nap in the middle of the day, Cubone.

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    Those plushies look like great sleeping companions! I have a Sonic plush, but now this has me thinking I should get tails as well. I have a Charmander plush that I love, but I've wanted Charizard for awhile so I'm pretty jelly of yours, lol.

    I really need to get more and better pics of my plushies, but anyway Simba is my main and favorite plush I sleep with.

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    I also sleep with a giant, pretty much body sized tiger (haven't thought of a name yet) whose great for snuggling and cuddling. It use to scare the crap out of me, my bro, and friends. Not that it looks creepy or anything, but before we got use to him around when I first got him, sometimes there'd actually be a brief millisecond or two of "Oh crap, it's a tiger!" when you first saw him after coming into my room before it clicks that it's a stuffed animal, lol.

    I also have tons of other furry friends ranging from Pokemon to MLP characters that I'll sometimes swap out and spend time with but I definitely spend the majority of my time with Simba and my tiger.

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