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    I bought a whole case of these old skool depend diapers, the one's with the real nice plastic sound (green in colour). and 3 tape tab adhesive's per side.

    Honestly love the sound and feel of these diapers, when wearing them, but wish they had more bulkiness to them. I can pee in them a few times, but then they tend to leak fast if I sit or lay down on them.

    They also have the stretchy waistband.

    Does anyone else have different experience's with these diapers??

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    Nope that's pretty much how Depend rolls, it's well known. "better than nothing", but not by much. Now go get yourself some quality diapers

    But if nothing else, it helps you get your foot in the door to buying diapers. There's quite a few nice options available nowadays. I started a thread recently asking for people's "top six they would have liked to start with", you should find some good suggetions there for what to move on and up to:!

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    Depends were my first experience with adult diapers. I used them for the first time deal with my post-partum incontinence. Not great and they don't hold much but better than nothing. I was able to get free sample packs of North shore Supremes just by asking for them in their customer service chat. It's a good place to start branching out.

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    I started out with depends in the late 80s. They where great coming from nothing, but they are nothing compared to the latest crop of diapers on the market. I cant believe how much the old depends are going for on ebay..... they really are nothing special. It must be people who dont realize the plastic backed diaper scene has exploded in the past 5 years. Yeah, the big names found in stores are now thin, cloth backed crap. I wouldn't even use them if I really was incontinent. But, the mail order diaper scene has more options than there ever has been. Even compared to the 80s, and Im not just talking about the specific AB brands. Nothshore, Xp medical, Dry 24/7, Abena, and many more...... all make thick plastic backed diapers for the medical community. Why? because they work and a better mouse trap has not been invented yet.

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