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Thread: New Begginings.

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    Cool New Begginings.

    Hello, I am sure some of you know me. While at the same time others may not know me.
    I am BronyPony1418, but I am not the same as I once was. I have to come to fully accept my AB/DL side.
    I am still in the process of loving myself more, and more. I am also learning more about myself at the same time.
    To make a long story short, I am basically like a new smart phone in the line.
    I am the same as last years model, but I have some new updates and features that make the old me obsolete.
    Hello, and it is great to meet y'all again.
    Basically to make it as easy as possible to understand. I am a still a shy, nervous, anxious, little goofball.
    I love anime, art, music, and many other things. I am attracted to men, or to make it shorter I am gay.
    Currently I am working out some things with my body, and how I express myself.
    Work life is interesting, boring, and crazy. I freely float between a little boy, and a little girl.
    I sometimes feel like a prince, sometimes I feel like a princess, but most of the time I feel like a mix of both.
    So basically to save time here what I am trying to say is that I am the same, but also new and improved.
    It really is great to meet y'all again, and I am looking forward to talking with you.

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    Hello BronyPony1418 and welcome back to the group.


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    Thanks, sorry I was away for what seemed like forever... I just needed some time to figure out some things...

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    That was a very nice introduction. You sound interesting and makes me want to know more. Love the old/new model smart phone thing. Which of your upgrades is the best? Besides diapers do you have other Little stuff? Hope to learn more about you.

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    It is nice to meet you as well. I think my best upgrade is now accepting this side of me.
    Yes, I do have a couple of other little things. I have 11 plushies, a pacifier, and a blanket. I am wanting to get a onesie, a bottle, and some footie pjs.

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