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Thread: Do find yourself using your teeth/mouth to do things more?

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    Default Do find yourself using your teeth/mouth to do things more?

    It's not intentional for me, but often times I'll just find myself using my teeth to open the simplest of things, or chewing on random objects, or even picking up toys in my mouth. For example, I went to the beach the other day and was playing with a water frisbee sort of thing, and i found it difficult to swim with it in my hands so I simply popped it in my mouth. It doesnt help I typically doggy paddle so my partners friends kept teasing me for acting like a puppy

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    well honestly i tend to use my mouth for a lot. i always have something around to chew on. i tent to hold things like pens or something in my mouth if i need to do something quickly as well.

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    I have a little hamster toy that I tend to chew on quite a bit; have to be careful though because the fur doesn't taste very nice if some of it sheds. Also resort to biting and using my teeths when trying to open packets and such cause hands don't work that well. I can understand putting the frizbee in your mouth while you swim though; need four limbs to swim; specially if it's front crawl/doggy paddle;

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    Sometimes I carry my bottle with my teeth if I need to use both my hands.

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    Yes now I think about it I do I pick up the mail my leash all my dog and baby toys my food bowls and my shoes with my mouth all the time I don't have my paci in

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    I do that too! Before I got a paci I'd use a pen cap or make small perler art pieces to chew on and fiddle with.
    (perler art are beads arranged into shapes on a pegboard and ironed together into a solid piece)

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    I've always needed to have my mouth moving - often I 'drum' by clicking my teeth together.

    That said, I actually find that I'm not using my teeth to do things more - I'm using them less, because I'm carrying my paci everywhere and if I'm somewhere I can't be seen you can bet my paci is in.

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    I always have something in my mouth to chew on

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